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Herhangi bir taşınabilir müzik çalarla kullanım için ideal olan yeni K 450 kulaklığınızla, sevdiğiniz müziğin daha önce hiç dinlememiş gibi keyfine varabilirsiniz.

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Model Number: K450BLU
Colour: Navy


The sound in my headphones is not correct when I use it in a normal stereo headphone output, or use an adapter plug from 3,5 mm to 6.3 mm jack. I have headphones with remote control and microphone for iPhone on the cable.
Please note that all headphones with 4-pole jack may produce sound that is in mono, is out of phase or is otherwise distorted, if they are connected to ordinary stereo headphone outputs. 4-pole jack headphones are made to control iPhones or other smartphones, to permit phone conversations through the microphone as well as remote controlling of the telephone with the remote buttons, all built into the cable. You usually have to purchase an adapter cable to use them with other stereo sources. This adapter converts the 4-pole male 3.5 mm jack into a 3-pole male 3,5mm jack.

Audio Specifications
DriverClosed-back headphones
Frequency Response11Hz-29.5kHz
Maximum Input Power30 mW
Input Impedance32 ohms
Sensitivity126 dB SPL/V
Weight120 g
AKG Easy Compare
SoundSignature sound
Smartphone controlNo control option

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