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Plunge into pure, perfection sound and get carried away.

  • In-ear

    Snug-fitting ear sleeves guarantee the fit for a quality of AKG signature sound that belies their small size.



    Reference class 3-way earphones delivering AKG reference sound.

    Colour: Aluminium

    TL 849,99

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    K 323XS Red

    The smallest in-ear headphones with AKG signature sound

    Colour: Red

    TL 34,99

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    K 323XS Yellow

    The smallest in-ear headphones with AKG signature sound

    Colour: Yellow

    TL 24,99 TL 34,99

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  • On-ear

    Life-on-the-go dictates headphones designed to travel but also comfortable to wear and delivering AKG signature sound.


    K 518 Black

    Stylish and portable performance DJ headphones.

    Colour: Black

    TL 49,99

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    K 518 White

    Limited Edition. Sınırsız seçenek.

    Colour: White

    TL 49,99

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    K 430 Orange

    Comfortable on-ear headphones with integrated volume control

    Colour: Turuncu

    TL 44,99

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  • Over-Ear

    AKG over-ear headphones are designed to be ultra-comfortable and to give hours and hours of listening pleasure.


    K 915

    Digital wireless stereo headphone optimized for movies, games and music

    Colour: Black

    TL 79,99

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    K 511

    Natural sound stereo headphones with great audio balance.

    Colour: Black

    TL 39,99

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    Q 701 BLACK

    Quincy Jones Özel Serisi , Reference-Class Premium Kalite Kulaklıklar

    Colour: Black with Lime accents

    TL 249,99 TL 349,99

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