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Limited Edition. Sınırsız seçenek.

TL 44,99 each

  • AKG signature sound

    The result of more than 60 years of expertise in the field, working side by side with music professionals. Inspiring AKG sound for your ears only.

  • Optimized for DJ

    Conceived with DJs in mind, these headphones will have you mixing like a DJ in no time.

  • 3D Foldable design

    A 3D-Axis folding mechanism provides the highest level of portability and storage.

  • Portable

    Conceived and equipped to satisfy the needs of those with on-the-go lifestyles.

Taşınabilir MP3 çalarlarda da doygun bir ses üretir ve bu özelliğine karşın her cebe sığabilecek kadar kompakt bir boyuta sahiptir.
K518DJ’nin esas avantajı, artık bir seçim şansınızın olmasıdır. Oldukça sınırlı sayıda üretilen özel serisiyle, yaygın olarak kabul gören DJ kulaklık bir dizi favori renkte sunulmaktadır. K518 Limited Edition (LE) serisinin sunduğu yedi renk seçeneği arasında en sevdiğiniz veya kıyafetinize uyan rengi mutlaka bulacaksınız.

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Features & benefits

Stand out from the crowd

When you want to take your personal listening experience to the next level, the AKG K 518 headphones let you do it in style.

High Quality in a Compact, Portable Package

"Semi-professional DJs need dependable equipment too.The K 518 DJ headphones fit the bill perfectly. These closed-back earphones provide optimum isolation from ambient noise and easily with stand heavy usage. The hard gold-plated jack plug and contacts resist corrosion and enhance sound clarity, while the 99.99% oxygen-free cable improves sound quality. "

AKG signature sound

Just as the AKG K 518s don’t skimp on style, they don’t skimp on performance, delivering high-output sound and excellent frequency response from virtually any portable device, including the iPhone. By using a closed-back design, sound-isolating ear cups and ambient noise attenuation, the K 518s block outside noise beautifully, so all that you hear is your music. Even quiet passages are clearly audible. High-performance drivers reproduce low frequencies down to 16 Hz and high frequencies out past 24 kHz with stunning detail. They’re also designed for high SPL, which--along with their wide dynamic range and sound isolation--makes them the perfect headphone upgrade for noisy-environment listening with nearly all of today’s audio devices. 

Reliable Compatibility

You can use the K 518s with your home stereo, portable DVD, CD and MP3 players and many other audio/video players. With their slim, tapered connector, the K518s are compatible with all versions of the iPhone including first generation models. They’re an ideal upgrade to any portable device. 

Specsheets & manuals

Audio Specifications
DriverClosed-back headphones
Frequency Response16Hz-24kHz
Maximum Input Power2000 mW
Input Impedance32 ohms
Sensitivity115 dB SPL/V
Weight150 g
AKG Easy Compare
SoundSignature sound
Smartphone controlNo control option

K 518 Black

Stylish and portable performance DJ headphones.

TL 49,99

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K 518 White

Limited Edition. Sınırsız seçenek.

TL 49,99

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Limited Edition. Sınırsız seçenek.

TL 44,99

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