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The smallest in-ear headphones with remote and microphone for iOS

TL 49,99 each

  • AKG signature sound

    The result of more than 60 years of expertise in the field, working side by side with music professionals. Inspiring AKG sound for your ears only.

  • Smartphone, specific IOS

    Designed to be used with iOS devices.

  • Silicone sleeves in different sizes

    Comes with silicone sleeves in multiple sizes to provide maximum comfort while fitting snugly into every size ear.

  • Portable

    Conceived and equipped to satisfy the needs of those with on-the-go lifestyles.

Hidden sound gem

The AKG K 323 XS is not, however, your typical AKG headphone.

They’re tiny. Real tiny. Yet, they take full advantage of AKG engineering excellence through their function and design. Which means that, despite their miniature size, they adhere to AKG standards for sound quality, comfort and versatility. Despite their ultra-small, in-ear size – the smallest available with the greatest sound their ultra-lightweight design makes them perfect for busy, connective-dependent lifestyles. The AKG K 323 XS brings you functionality and convenience in a miniature design. AKG never loses sight of the fact that it’s all about sound quality and having round-the-clock access to it. It’s how we’ve built our reputation – two ears at a time. The AKG K 323 XS is available in three versions: with a straight cable, with a three-button MFI remote/microphone that is compatible with the latest Apple™ devices, and with a one-button universal remote/microphone compatible with most Smartphones. These remotes allow you to answer and end calls, or play and pause music, without taking your headphones off.

Features & benefits

The smallest, lightest, in-ear headphone with the greatest sound

Hard to believe AKG could deliver the quality of sound and connectivity you’ve come to expect in such an ultra-small model. Available in four funky colors.

High-end connectivity

All the options are yours with a three-button, MFI, inline remote with microphone for instant connectivity to Apple devices.

AKG signature sound

Closed-back design.

Unique, custom fit is key

The K323 XS’s secret is found in its innovative ear-tip technology and to the four sizes of ear sleeves they come with. Made from two materials, they are designed to maximize the fit between the headphone and your ear.

Specsheets & manuals

Audio Specifications
DriverClosed-back headphones
Frequency Response20 - 20 kHz
Maximum Input Power10 mW
Input Impedance16 ohms
Sensitivity98 dB SPL/V
Weight13 g
AKG Easy Compare
SoundSignature sound
Smartphone controlIphone

  • 1 Pair AKG K323 I XS BLACK
  • Ear sleeves in four sizes (XS, S, M and L)
  • Carrying pouch
  • AKG warranty card

K 323XS Red

The smallest in-ear headphones with AKG signature sound

TL 34,99

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K 323XS Yellow

The smallest in-ear headphones with AKG signature sound

TL 24,99 TL 34,99

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